Welcome to ION Physical Therapy

Welcome to ION PT, where we specialize in clinical management of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services in the Workers’ Comp arena.
ION brings a true clinical perspective to managing all of our cases, in order to deliver the right care to our patients,
the right opportunity to our providers and the right outcome for our customers.

About ION PT

ION PT is a unique Physical Therapist owned company in the Workers’ Comp space. Founded
by PTs, ION offers a technical perspective on what a physical therapy visit
should look and feel like. ION sees all referrals through the lens
of the provider creating the necessary clinical focus to
yield the best outcomes.

Management Services


Current clinical programs and management services offered by ION PT Network include:

Physical Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

Work Reconditioning

Occupational Therapy

Work Hardening

Hand Therapy

Functional Capacity Evaluations and Assessments


Become an ION Provider

ION partners with clinics who share our vision of clinical management from evaluation through discharge. ION providers understand…

ION Provider Benefits

ION Providers enjoy many benefits by partnering
with the only PT owned Network of its kind.
Benefits include:

Provider Education

ION’s Provider Portal enables providers to do a variety of things: upload patient data, check claim status and address clinical questions central to ION’s…

Clinician Corner

Clinical Management Program
Clinical Management Program

ION built our Clinical Management Program through the eyes of the PT. As PTs, we understand the rehab process and recognize each patient and diagnosis as a unique opportunity for the Provider to demonstrate success.

Network Score Cards
Network Score Cards

We understand the value of each referral that comes to the Provider and the need for the Provider to demonstrate clinical excellence in the treatment of the patient, while also enjoying a healthy relationship with the Network.

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